What is a Chromebook?

The name says it all. What sets Chromebooks apart from other laptops is the Chrome operating system, which is designed to use web applications and online cloud storage, instead of the programs and files that are loaded onto the internal hard drive. . The result is a new type of laptop that is very thin, very light – and very popular.

Chromebooks start out as a low-cost replacement for regular laptops – you can find a wide range of affordable Chromebook laptops for under $ 200. As users evolved to appreciate the ultra-light operating system and high mobility design, a series of Chromebooks came out, including advanced models with high-resolution screens and ultra-fast processors, start at $ 700 or more.

What sets the Chromebook apart from other laptops?

Chromebooks, a pioneer of Google, the search engine company, has also introduced revolutionary products in other areas, such as the Android operating system for mobile devices. Chromebooks first appeared on the market in 2011, and since then almost every major PC maker has partnered with Google to create branded Chromebooks like the Lenovo Chromebook series.

The major innovation that Chromebooks bring to the market is the removal of the typical multi-functional PC operating system, which did it all, from starting the system to organizing documents, running programs and reading DVD. Instead, Chromebooks use Google’s minimalist, open source Linux based Chrome OS. In turn, Chrome OS uses the Chrome web browser as its primary user interface, similar to the way other operating systems can launch programs from the so-called “desktop.”

Since most actions start with the Chrome web browser, most actions performed on Chromebooks are performed on the Web, unlike programs on the system hard drive. These web activities include watching movies or other popular content, using office software, saving files to cloud storage, and more. Since most operations are done online, Chromebooks can cut costs and reduce weight and thickness by removing traditional optical devices (DVDs, CDs, etc.) and using storage drives. Relatively small solid state.

Pros of a Chromebook Laptop

With cheaper hardware and software components, Chromebooks have quickly established themselves in the PC market for buyers looking for a low-cost laptop that allows them to do most of the work. Dynamic via the Internet. With the growing popularity of Chromebooks beyond budget buyers, more advanced PC users are evaluating Chromebooks for fast boot times, light systems, and overall portability.

What are the pros of a Chromebook?

The pros of Chromebook computers include:

  • Light operating system
  • Long battery life
  • Optimized for Google apps
  • Fast boot times
  • Based on a simple browser
  • Very thin and light

Long battery life

Minimal Chrome OS and no regularly rotating hard drives mean longer disconnect times.

Optimized for Google apps

If you’ve relied on popular Google apps like Calendar and Gmail, Chrome OS will be optimized for convenient use of these Google products.

Fast boot times

With a deliberately minimal operating system and data stored on solid state drives, Chromebooks will have less to finish on startup, which greatly reduces boot time. Chromebooks start in just 10 seconds!

Based on a simple browser

If you can use the web browser, you can use a Chromebook. The user interface is the Chrome browser, a platform familiar to many people.

Very thin and light

Chromebooks are one of the thinnest and lightest PC devices today because the internal components are less bulky

Is a Chromebook good for students?

Chromebooks can meet the needs of many students, not all students. These laptops are extremely light and portable, among the cheapest systems available and Chrome OS is easy to learn and use. However, since Chromebooks have less internal memory than comparable devices and work primarily through web services and remote web applications, these laptops are better suited for users who are comfortable working. this way – less for those who like to download programs and save many gigabytes of local files.

Chromebooks can be a good, inexpensive laptop for a student who mainly reads books, writes newspapers, and researches the web. Google has built a universe of useful word processing and other apps for which Chromebooks have been optimized first, such as Google Photos, Docs, Music, Drive and more. In addition to the Google universe, other software companies have also released Chrome OS or cloud-based versions of popular programs.

Chromebooks may not be suitable for students who often work outside the range of wireless Internet signals (Did we mention? The Chromebook requires connectivity for its many functions.), People who want to spend time studying the time playing games CPU-intensive computer games or research courses will require the use of advanced software not available for Chrome OS. In addition, most Chromebooks have fewer ports for connecting external devices to charge or direct data transfer when short or long range wireless options aren’t enough.

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